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Our TMB Cosmetic Community

A huge thank you to Dr. Born and his lovely staff! I'm really happy with my decision to be the "best Dom I can be!" #GetSculpted #TheTMBTTreatment

"THANK YOU to the whole team at @trevorbornmd.  I'm currently on my second round of microneedling to get rid of the pesky dark marks left behind from my hormonal acne, but it is A MILLION TIMES BETTER than when I first walked in their door and for that I'm truly thankful. "

"Beyond excited to show you how my skin has been looking lately thanks to @trevorbornmd! I have struggled with uneven skin texture throughout my life. No matter how hard I tried, it would never go away. Now I feel confident leaving the house without makeup on. This is how I've been looking most days and I couldn’t be happier!"

"I recently walked the runway for fashion week, and I had some of the young models approach me and ask, “What is your secret!?” That “secret” formula is different for everyone - whether it's a daily yoga class or a weekly game of golf, or a visit to someone like @trevorbornmd! You have to do whatever it takes to keep you feeling your best!"

Nicholas K
"Thank you for everything Dr. Born! You are always so professional, and Nurse Yolanda is the greatest!"

"Thank you Dr. Born, for helping me find a confidence in myself I didn't know I could have."

"Here at TMB, we believe that with the right approach to total inner AND outer wellness, we can all cultivate beautiful, fulfilling, and healthful lives...."

Our Services


Elevate, enhance and bring balance to your facial features with procedures for the brow, eyes, ears, cheeks, chin, lips and jawline.

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Surgical and/ or non-surgical procedures for the tummy, buttocks, arms and legs can help lift, sculpt, tone and tighten your body just where you need it.

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Breast augmentation can enlarge and enhance the volume and shape of the breasts so you can achieve the silhouette you desire. We offer breast implant surgery, breast lift, breast reduction, as well as nipple correction surgery.

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Med Spa

TMB provides patients with a full spectrum of non surgical medical spa treatments, including laser procedures, facial peels, injectables, advanced skincare, as well as body contouring.

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About Toronto Plastic Surgeon Trevor M. Born, M.D.

Dr. Trevor M. Born is one of North America’s leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery and aesthetics, and enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a progressive, meticulous surgeon and pioneer within the industry.

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