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TMB Supplements Toronto

Dr. Born strongly believes that a holistic approach to both inner and outer wellness is the key to anti-aging and “Truly Modern Beauty.” When your body functions at it’s optimal level, you feel great; and when you feel great – you look great! That is why the TMB practice encourages a strategic and pro-active approach to health, beauty and healing using a unique combination of cutting edge science and naturopathic medicine.

For this reason, Dr. Born was compelled to create a line of nutritional supplements and remedies in partnership with his own naturopath, Dr. Holly Fennell N.D. Taken individually, these supplements can help you feel more energized and vital in your daily life. Taken collaboratively, the entire program is an essential part of the TMB patient process and is designed to get you the best results with the fastest healing time.

During your consultation at the TMB practice, we will develop and outline a supplemental regimen that will help you realize a vision of your best self.

Surgimax Pre and Post Operative Shake

An all in one powder formulation that combines amino acids to combat stress, licorice extract to support the intestine, and whey protein to boost immune function. Powerful anti-inflammatories and acidophilus help aid digestion and boost the immune system post surgery. Promotes strong hair and nail growth.

Surgimax Pre Op Booster Caps

A nutrient rich, anti-oxidant formula; with B vitamins to stimulate red blood cell formation, Quercitin to protect against free radicals, and Chromium to balance blood sugar levels.


This powder formulation promotes healthy hydration and anti-oxidant support for the body. Essential pre and post gym workout, and can help restore a healthy, hydrated “glow” to your skin.

Lymphdiaral Oral Drops and Topical Cream

A homeopathic remedy that encourages lymphatic drainage. Helps to relieve swelling, inflammation and prevent infection. A great aid for detoxification of the body.

Surgimax Post Op Booster Caps

Similar to the pre op capsules, with the addition Coenzyme Q10 to promote heart health and a strong immune system, and grapeseed extract to stimulate tissue repair and collagen production.

Bruise Be Gone!

An enzyme formulation with Bromelain – a pineapple extract- that helps decrease bruising and swelling. Significantly reduces bruising after injectable fillers.

Arnica Montana

A homeopathic anti inflammatory commonly used to treat injuries and is effective at reducing shock after any trauma to the body.


A homeopathic ointment, topically works to reduce swelling as well as muscle and joint pain. Great for all the kids bumps and bruises!

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