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Mineralogie Cosmetics Toronto

Makeup should help, not harm you. Many cosmetics contain harmful additives that can age your complexion, cause sensitive skin to act up, and attract damaging free radicals. At the TMB practice, we know that even the luxury brands of makeup are not always the best – and we believe in providing our patients with only the best products and services on the market.

Mineralogie is a line of mineral makeup that meets our high standards for quality, safety and style. This comprehensive line is a hit with our patients and skincare clients who love the light feel and long lasting coverage that you can only get from minerals. Minerals also aid in the recovery process to heal inflammation and redness, making Mineralogie products ideal for even the most sensitive post procedure skin.

TMB patients are welcome to consult with our beauty experts for a complete make-over, single application, or even instruction on the best techniques to re-create the current trends in makeup. As well, all TMB surgery patients are treated to a consultation in camouflage makeup techniques should they require it.

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