Mastopexy, popularly known as a breast lift, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of excess skin from the breasts to enhance their shape and make them appear perkier. The procedure provides firmness and reduces the sagging appearance some women develop.

The structure and curvature of breasts often change with time and major changes to a woman’s body caused by pregnancy, aging, hereditary conditions, and changes in weight. There can be stretching and elongation of skin, increase in size, nipple displacement, enlargement of the areola and changes in elasticity. A breast lifts can help alleviate these conditions and revitalize the shape of the breasts to resemble more youthful contours.

Mastopexy is not meant to alter the size of breasts, but it is ideal for reshaping them to appear perky and more alluring. The procedure simply tightens the tissues around by removing excess skin.

Steps Involved in the Surgery

Before the surgery, prospective patients should meet with a trusted plastic surgeon to discuss the reasons for choosing the procedure. The doctor will conduct a physical examination and analyze your body as a whole to develop a clear plan of action to perform the procedure. Your height and weight are recorded and plans for future pregnancy are noted. Depending on your needs and current level of health, the doctor makes recommendations regarding the procedure.

There are various kinds of uplifts or incisions possible depending on your requirements and the current structure of your breasts. The incisions are made in such a way around the areola that they are not easily visible.

Extra skin is usually removed from under the breasts and they are molded into a firmer shape. The nipples are repositioned to a higher level. The shape of the areola can also be altered according to your preference during the surgical process.

The nature of incision, the extent of removal, and reshaping depends on several factors such as

• The shape and size
• The positioning of the nipples and areolas
• Degree of sagging
• Quality and elasticity of the skin

The operation is typically carried out under general anesthesia and takes around 90 minutes. Antibiotics are usually used to keep the wound clean and uninfected. Additional drainage tubes are often attached to check leakage of fluids or blood.

Depending upon the nature of procedure you might be eligible to go home the very same day or the surgeon might choose to keep you in the hospital for a night. The next few days should be spent under the supervision of friends or family. Any kind of heavy lifting or physically intensive tasks must be avoided.

It takes around one to two months for the swelling and tightness to finally settle in. You might feel an initial tightness which will slowly begin to fade away. Since there is no alteration in the overall size of the breast, there is no change in the bodily proportions of the patients.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are advised as aftercare therapies and helps patients maintain a healthy look. Be on the lookout for swelling, a change in skin color, or any hard lumps for a few days after the surgery. It’s best to undergo a procedure like this after you are done having children. If you plan to have one in the future, you should postpone the treatment until a later date.

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