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Truly Modern Beauty Magazine

Truly Modern Beauty Magazine

Get the Breasts You Wish You Could Have

Ever look and the mirror and wish for a more beautiful and shapely body? As a result of age, genetics, and many other outside factors, our bodies don’t always exhibit the look we desire. One area of the body that is a major concern for women is the breast region. The size and shape of […]

A Mommy Makeover Can Include Several Procedures

A Mommy Makeover refers to a number of procedures that can help women address cosmetic changes that occur throughout the body as a result of childbearing. It can be customized to include procedures that will help satisfy a woman’s individual needs. There are no set parameters for a Mommy Makeover. Some women may require surgery […]

Abdominoplasty Surgery Recontours the Stomach

Fat that accumulates in the abdomen is quite stubborn and hard to get rid of. Sometimes, no amount of dieting or exercising can give you that toned, hard abdomen you have always wanted. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution that can solve this problem, and that is a cosmetic surgery known as Abdominoplasty. What is Abdominoplasty? […]

Enhance Your Breasts with Augmentation Mammoplasty

If you’ve been paying attention to the tabloids, you may have come across articles discussing celebrities and models who have gotten work done on their breasts. Over the years, the techniques used to perform a breast augmentation have improved, making the procedure safer and more efficient overall. The increased efficiency has made the procedure incredibly […]

Coming in For Our Modern Facelift

Modern facelift techniques consists of a deep-reaching facelift that includes facial micro fat grafting. It is a technique that is suitable for everyone and can deliver amazing results with only minimal scarring. If you’re considering this modern cosmetic procedure, here is what you will need to know prior to the surgery. What Is Facial Micro […]

Restore Your Pre-Pregnancy Body After Childbirth

Life during a pregnancy can be trying times for any mother and right after the baby is born, the body does not always return to it’s former glory. A great deal of mothers want to reclaim their pre-pregnant bodies so they can feel more confident and secure after giving birth. Many women start to feel […]

The Tummy Tuck Is a Game-Changing Surgical Procedure

If you have recently given birth, gained or loss a substantial amount of weight, or you’re suffering from the effects of aging, you may begin to notice that you are developing an unflattering midsection that is covered with loose skin and excess fat. There are, however, a number of different ways to fix this issue. […]

Reshaping the Nose Using Rhinoplasty Surgery

A Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the nose to fit a patient’s desired look. Although it is primarily done to reshape the nose, certain breathing problems can also be cured after undergoing this procedure. The nose can be altered in a number of different ways […]

Tone the Upper Arms With Brachioplasty Surgery

As we get older, our bodies have a tendency to develop excessive fat in places that we would never have thought possible in the past. Eliminating these excess fat deposits may require a lot of effort, dedication, and time. It can be very frustrating when the hard work you put in doesn’t result in the […]

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