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Many women struggle with confidence in the size, shape and proportion of their breasts. Whether you have noticed post-pregnancy volume loss, you have developed asymmetrical breasts, or you have an unsatisfactory shape or cup size, TMB can help you attain the beautiful, natural looking silhouette you desire and confidence in an area many women – and men! – are very sensitive about.

Dr. Born will work closely with you to define your needs and develop a treatment plan that will ensure the most proportionate and aesthetically pleasing results for your unique physical characteristics. Breast shaping can be achieved with individual or a combination of techniques – breast augmentation using implants (Bilateral Breast Augmentation or BBA), breast micro-fat grafting, liposuction, breast lifting (Mastopexy) or breast reduction (Bilateral Breast Reduction or BBR).

In addition to using only the safest and most modern surgical techniques, Dr. Born’s treatment and commitment to your highest levels of satisfaction include not only a beautiful breast contour, but also minimal scarring and maximum comfort.

*As a Keller Funnel certified practice, we have been qualified as a provider of the most advanced breast augmentation techniques and products. The Keller certification is awarded to physicians who have undergone extensive procedure training and have performed a high number of breast augmentation surgeries using this advanced technique.



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